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2009 - ongoing

The original series following the adventures of Foster the Beaver and Mel the Moose from their humble beginnings in the forest to the bustling big city.

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Ch2: Welcome to the City | Ch3: Life as Usual | Ch4: More of the Same... But Better | Ch5: Foster Makes It Big | Ch6: The Premiere | Ch7: Day By Day | Ch8: Look At Me Now | Ch9: Stuff Happens | Ch10: The Cat Cometh | Ch11: Canadians | Ch12: Biggy Smalls | Ch13: 7 Minutes of Bad Luck | Ch14: Down to Earth | Ch15: Sense of Purpose | Ch16: Doors | Ch17: Damaged Goods | Ch18: Ugly Puppets

The Phil

2015 - ongoing

Dumped by the Leafs and resurrected by the Penguins, this comic follows the ups and downs of the greatest American Sniper Phil Kessel.

Chapter 1
Ch 2: The Sophomore Season
Ch3: Season 3-Peat
Ch4: 4-Get Last Year

Fan Club

2019 - ongoing

Comics and Artwork submitted by fans and friends of the comic!

Crispin Wood | Coffee Foster | Jeremy Baldachin | Jimmy Brunnell | Jon Espraza | Lars Rohrssen | Oscar Stockdale | Stephen McGee | Vince Dorse |

Time Loopers

2012 - ongoing

The Time Loopers are sent back through time and space on special collection missions for the Professor. Looping is dangerous work and there's no guarantee they will make it home. Oh, and their sidekick is a butt named Toots.

Chapter 1
Ch 2: The Great, Big Dino Hunt
Ch3: The Night of the Big Match
Ch4: Gone Dingus
The Toots Graphic Novel

Punch Bros

2015 - ongoing

They don't want to be the very best.. they just want to PUNCH the very best. The Punch Bros are on their way to the Eilte Four and they are definitely not based on me and Brody... definitely not.

Punch Bros: They Punch Your Face

Rebel Scum

2015 - ongoing

6 Years before the Battle of Yavin a cocky thief named Tagg and his R5 sidekick from Corellia get mixed up in a local skirmish between the Empire and rebel operatives.

Rebel Scum: Chapter 1

Star Wars Parody


One of the first series I ever worked on. Follow the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han through the Original Trilogy.

Star Wars Parody Trilogy - Free eBook Download