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Welcome New People
written by ryank_119 on Apr 21 2009

Welcome to all the new people.

You must be very bored indeed to be perusing through this site. Or maybe you have a lot of free time because you've been layed off. Lot of that going around. Like the flu.

As always, City Folk will keep on truckin' ahead. Innovation and 'cutting-edge' are our favorite words around here.

Now for something truthful. The NHL playoffs have officially begun. Yes, we're a few games in, I know.
Before you start egging my house, know that I'm not a Vancouver fan. They had their chance in '94, we've both moved on.
I'm hoping for either New Jersey or Pittsburgh. Say what you want. Let us know who you are cheering for this year.



Sadly, my team is already out v_v

Captain Ghost, May 04 2009 | Reply | |

Which team was that sir?

ryank_119, May 04 2009 | Reply | |

San Jose.
Sadly, they always seem to do pretty well in the normal season...
Then play-offs come, and it's like a no-show. -grumble-

On the other hand, I suppose I can cheer for Detroit/Vancouver now.


[[Little side-note:... I'm a girl ^^V No worries, though.

Captain Ghost, May 05 2009 | Reply | |

What's up with them this year? They were definitely one of the favs. Guess the same thing happened to New Jersey and St. Louis.

Are you from San Jose (or the area)?

(sorry for calling you a he, i only saw your profile after i posted my message. And thanks for reading my ramblings.)

ryank_119, May 05 2009 | Reply | |

It's kinda sad, though, as I mentioned... San Jose has done this in playoffs for what.. the past 2-3 years? I don't know. A few times, anyway.

And nope~! From the West Coast of Canada, although originally from Ontario. Woo Vancouver! =)

Captain Ghost, May 08 2009 | Reply | |

Well, you couldn't have picked a better place to live. A lot of my family is there and we love driving down to visit.

ryank_119, May 08 2009 | Reply | |

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