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New Hope, New Strip
written by ryank_119 on Sep 30 2009

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, check out a new strip on my other page

In other news, City Folk owners (that's us, geniuses) are planning on making the leap from Smack Jeeves to their very own site. Many new features will be much easier to implement once we have moved, but startup costs are pretty high. So continue to enjoy City Folk here until the big day, while Brody and I (the owners) try to save up the necessary dough. It might take a while.



There are actually 2 new strips now. Go look for yourself, I'm not fibbing. Pages 8 and 9.

ryank_119, Oct 02 2009 | Reply | |

Soooo... does that mean no more updates over here? TwT

It's cool and all, am proud of you guys for it. I just am attached to the convenience offered me by SJ x3

... I guess I'd look at another site for you guys though |3 but mrrr :P

Captain Ghost, Oct 04 2009 | Reply | |

Eventually, we will break ties with the smack jeeves system. There is a lot more room for exposure with your own site and the options for customizing are much better.
At the same time, our fans are still number one. It won't be a problem updating on two sites, though our attention will be focused on the one we own.

But don't worry, Captain Ghost. We're still a ways off of a move. I'm poor and Smack Jeeves is free ; )

ryank_119, Oct 04 2009 | Reply | |

All righty.

Well, thanks for the head's up (:

Captain Ghost, Oct 04 2009 | Reply | |

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