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Movie Review for past few weeks
written by ryank_119 on Nov 26 2009

These are the movies I've seen in the last few weeks and what I thought of them:

State of Play
This was one of the better movies I have watched this year. Russell Crowe is a fantastic actor, and he really made this film what it was. Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams were also pretty solid. I enjoyed this one.

Eagle vs. Shark
If you've seen Flight of the Conchords and know of Jemaine Clement, you'll really like this one. If not, you might hate it. It's like watching the New Zealand version of Napoleon Dynamite.

This is a weird movie, with a lot of violence and stupid humour. But I still liked it. I don't know if I would watch it again, but I'm glad I saw it. Zombie Bill Murray? Wow.

add these to the list:

I Love You Beth Cooper
I'm sorry I watched it. I never felt pity for the main character like the writer intended me to. Sorry writer.

Blood Diamond
DiCaprio's accent confused me a little (was that what he was going for?) and his character was too easy to hate. But this movie was a great way to learn about the diamond smuggling and civil war problems in Africa a few years ago. TIA.

Law Abiding Citizen
I like Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, but this movie was just one long bloodbath littered with curses. I forget whether I saw the end or not...

Jurassic Park III
I know I've seen this one before (It's been on my dvd shelf for more than 5 years) but I just wanted to mention a few things that could help the makers of Jurassic Park IV:

1. Hire some convincing actors and actresses. I mean, a dinosaur is scary. Shouldn't be too hard to act scared of something 2 stories high with steak knives for teeth.

2. Work on your CGI. I shouldn't be watching the grass below the legs of the Spinosaurus to see if it bends or not. I don't want my dinosaurs having that glowy-edged fakiness. I know; watch King Kong.

3. Location? Think quick writers. We've visited both islands and the park. Where else are the dinosaurs? I hope it's original and makes sense. Oh no. There isn't a third restricted island we never knew about is there?! With even bigger dinosaurs?! You combined the DNA again didn't you?! What?! A T-rex and a Bronchiosaurus?!!! What do you even call that? Anyways...


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