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Good News on the Horizon?
written by ryank_119 on May 29 2010

I'm so sorry my computer crapped out on me this last month. I've been hard at work drawing stips and have quite a few ready for the upcoming months.

I'm hoping to have the viruses killed on monday. But we'll see. I'm trying not to spend any money (because I don't have any to spend, haha).

Thanks to those of you who stuck around. I promise to make it up to you. We want to start up with a giveaway. A t-shirt or something. I'll get the details out soon.



There are a few good virus programs for windows that are free and powerful.
Like avg or luke firewalker.
There was another I have on mine, but I'm away from my Xp and am using my Mac... Sorry.

Grey wolf, Jun 02 2010 | Reply | |

I think I've got it figured. Just gotta pay my internet provider. Haha, sigh.

ryank_119, Jun 02 2010 | Reply | |

Lol, Yeah all the free programs in the world can't get you free internet.
Well, unless you are tapping it from a neighbor.

Grey wolf, Jun 02 2010 | Reply | |

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