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SOPA Blackout
written by ryank_119 on Jan 18 2012

I don't know if you've heard or if you havn't heard, but the protest of SOPA (represented by a 24 hour blackout is happening today.  I'm not clever enough to take full advantage of this (unlike a some of the sites i've seen) (and also the fact that my internet is down till Friday - thankful for 3g).

That being said, I'm not posting a strip today in protest of the people that want to take away our right of speech.  It's like burning a box of kittens for dressing like lions... or something.  O forget, but check out The Oatmeal.

No, seriously.  Head over to The Oatmeal to see what he's done with his blackout.  And I'll see you Friday with the conclusion to the elevator disaster.


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