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Get More City Folk!
written by ryank_119 on Mar 09 2017

Thanks to everyone who has favourited this webcomic and has been coming back to see what's new and good lately! It's been a busy few months! This is just another update about what's been added here recently.

As you've probably seen we've been bulking up our Patreon content this winter. Patreon is really the only effective way to monetize a webcomic and we have added a lot of fun features that reward our fans who want to support us.

Other than the behind-the-scenes artwork and free commissions available exclusively to supporters we have been working on a few new features: Retro on Ice and City Folk Special Edition.

Retro On Ice is a series where I go back to some great old retro hockey video games to give them a play through and a quick review. So far I've looked at Blades of Steel, Hit the Ice and Ice Hockey for the NES. Check it out, it's a ton of fun!

City Folk Special Edition is another interesting series where I take an older strip of mine and redraw it in the same way my new strips are done. 3 are up there now and I have a ton more that I want to try.

So that's what's new and good here at City Folk! Consider becoming a supporter of ours for as little as $1 a month to get access to these fun features.


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