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More Missing Images
written by ryank_119 on Jul 11 2017

So looking back into the Archive I realized that we're missing a TON of images still. I didn't realize every image from 2014 and earlier was linked from Photobucket as well...

Until I have time to re-upload them all feel free to download the PDFs of the comic from here: https://gumroad.com/ryank_119



Yeah, it's a real pain isn't it :(
Bleh. Smooth sailing to ya!

Captain Ghost, Jul 11 2017 | Reply | |

Thanks Captain Ghost! How have you been?

ryank_119, Jul 12 2017 | Reply | |

@ryank_119: been all right! Cooould be better, could be worse - so not too different from the norm, at least, I suppose haha~

Slowly trekking along, more or less, is the gist of it c:

How bout yourself? :D

Captain Ghost, Jul 18 2017 | Reply | |

@Captain Ghost: Normal can be nice. Good to feel comfortable, haha.

ryank_119, Jul 18 2017 | Reply | |

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