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I'm Not Dead!
written by ryank_119 on Aug 05 2017

Hey guys! I'm not dead afterall! I've been quite busy, but not much has gone up on the site that you would have noticed.

Primarily I've been working on getting all the missing comics back onto the site. When Photobucket screwed me I lost links to about 800 comics. I've been slowly redoing each one as I can. It's terribly boring, haha.

At the same time I'm hard at work creating the plot, settings and characters of Dusters, our new hockey webomic that's hopefully coming out later this year! We have a lot of ideas and want to perfect them before starting the series. You can join our Patreon to see the latest updates.

And finally there's the new City Folk Collection! I'm up to over 400 pages now. That covers the prologue through to Chapter 17. This is the most complete collection I have ever done and includes a ton of extra images and strips!
Here is a screenshot of the book in progress:

So stick with me! Chapter 17 is almost concluded and I'm very, very excited to show you what's in store for the City Folk!



We've all done this at least once in our lives.
May Madoka have mercy on your boredom.

Squirreltastic-Blue, Aug 05 2017 | Reply | |

@Squirreltastic-Blue: Thank ya! It feels like punishment!

ryank_119, Aug 05 2017 | Reply | |

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