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City Folk Fan Club
written by ryank_119 on Jul 19 2019

I'm really excited to share this new feature with you guys! The City Folk Fan Club is a page on our site that brings together all the extra content we produce beyond the comic strips! Let me give you a quick overview of everything there now and what we are planning on including in the future.

Free Wallpapers
We have always given away free wallpapers but I wanted to collect them all into one page. This link takes you to our Deviant Art page where you can download your choice of wallpapers from the last 10 years!

Submit A Comic
If you would like to have your artwork displayed on our website (comic, fan art or whatever) use this link to upload and send your comic to me. You can view all the artwork we've collected over the years below.

Games and Stuff
There isn't too much there now but we hope to include a ton of puzzles, quizzes and other games soon!

Coloring Pages
An album full of coloring pages you can print at home and color! Feel free to submit your finished page via our "Submit a Comic" link!

Fan Club Comics
A link to where we have posted all the artwork! You can also find it through our Comic Archive under Fan Club Comics.

I think that covers most of it. We are going to keep adding to this page as we get more ideas.


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